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the continuation of the back history of house lannister is explained. part 2 covers cersei, jaime, and tyrion lannister and also jofferry baratheon. this video should help you understand the. the comic book girl 19 show discusses the happenings in art culture including comic books, movies, tv, game of thrones, and.

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cersei lannister is of house lannister; an incredibly wealthy family who reside on casterly rock. she is queen of westeros through her marriage to robert baratheon, and the " kingslayer" jaime. plays all game of thrones topic videos together back to back.

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real name: robot birth: unknown. powers: can pinch bot over 100lbs per square inch. robot' s origins are mysterious.

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On the comic book girl 19 show, cbg19, robot, house lannister comic book girl 19 bikinis and space brain have adventures in their attempt to make a youtube show about movies, comics, and pop culture.

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he has had his memory swiped many times. the only two things we do know for sure; he runs on windows 95 and he loves 90' s comics.